HealthArc is a one-stop solution for Health Providers, Payers and Employers for their Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Chronic Care Management (CCM), and TeleMedicine needs.

Using our Healtharc Platform and FDA approved medical devices (wireless and cellular), in-built video, voice call, and chat capabilities on HIPAA compliant infrastructure, Health Providers can give the much-needed comfort to both patients and clinical staff in addition to improving their revenues.

At HealthArc we are constantly striving to provide the best possible platforms to hospitals, health systems, ACOs, independent practices, and payers.

  • 1.
    Patients measure their vitals like BP, heart rate, pulse, spo2 & weight at home
  • 2.
    Clinical staff use the HIPAA compliant HealthArc to remotely monitor data
  • 3.
    Clinical staff can intervene and connect with patient over audio/video call, SMS or chat, if there is any anomaly.

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Remote Patient Monitoring & Chronic Care Management programs.

    We turn the traditional healthcare into fully remote care model...

    Patient App


    Physician Portal




    Our patient onboarding is seamless..takes only 2-3 minutes. We also add simple instruction manuals for anyone to understand


    Our patient monitoring devices are selected based on quality and affordability. We ensure that all devices meet regulatory requirements.


    You Can Earn Up to $122 Net per Patient per Month with RPM CPT Codes 99453, 99454, 99457 and more.


    We guarantee that our software will help you save time and build stronger relationships with your patients. Our pricing model guarantees profitability starting in the first month.


    Our system makes it easy to bill. Simply export a PDF file at the end of each month that can be sent to your billing team. EHR integrations are available upon request.


    We provide advanced communication tools (video, audio and chat) to capture reimbursable communications. Automated notifications ensures timely readings.


    Available devices include wireless blood pressure cuffs, weighting scales, pulse oximeters, blood glucose meters, Spirometers and more. We offer high-quality and affordable and reputable Cellular and Bluetooth devices not available on other platforms.


    Patients measure their vitals such as BP, Pulse, SpO2, Glucose and weight at home


    Clinical staff use the HIPAA compliant Healtharc to remotely monitor patients’ data


    Patients measure their vitals such as BP, Pulse, SpO2, Glucose and weight at home


    The HealthArc has formed a Telehealth Task Force to address concerns about best practices, reimbursement and telemedicine licensing. Eighteen physicians in ten specialties across New Jersey contribute to HealthArc for composing guidelines, advises and recommendations for health, including telehealth and telemedicine.

    The key points include:

    • Telehealth is a different approach to provide quality healthcare, especially when it comes to Chronic Care Management and remote patient monitoring.
    • We believe that in-person visits aren’t always mandatory to create a better patient-physician relationship and for remote patient monitoring.
    • It is better to stay at home in the comfort zone and consult the healthcare experts.
    • Telehealth holds the quality standard, the same as in-person medical experiences and conscious about patient adherence, informed consent, security and privacy best-practiced guidelines.
    • Telehealth support is always likely to keep progressing the care elements with best conventional practices.
    • Patients also have the right and are not bound to consult in-person care to a healthcare professional. However, remote patient monitoring also caters to all the needs of a patient.
    • Telehealth consultations should preferably be used to supplement; however, it should not replace healthcare professionals’ visits.
    • Telehealth is a great way to cope with healthcare issues. It keeps the patients within the comfort zone and provides best practices; still, it is not recommended to ignore regular in-person care.
    • Fair compensation against remote patient monitoring services improves the healthcare structure by importing and incorporate more case studies and practices in the HealthArc system.
    • Physicians understand and use adaptive measures to cope with the best chronic care management.


    HealthArc as a company can help many firms to add value, be it large employers with significant medical expenses, payers with footprint to reduce their medical costs, independent and large medical groups to help their existing patients and increase revenue

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    So much changed in a year

    The healthcare industry responded with astonishing speed to the shock of the COVID-19 pandemic by turning faces towards remote care. Clinicians, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and payers shifted much of their work onto virtual platforms for health monitoring. There has been a rapid transformation from the traditional healthcare to remote patient care. This has seen a boom in the RPM, CCM and Telemedicine Industries. Both patients and physicians are adopting this, a change which was approx. 48% slower in the pre-Covid era.

    Why HealthArc?

    HealthArc uses the latest, cutting-edge technological solution for RPM interface with a full suite of features. It also offers instant implementation with which your practice can start the RPM program in less than 24 hours and receive the devices in a matter of a few days. Customer Support is the paramount objective of HealthArc, and we take it very seriously. This is ensured by allocating one dedicated operations expert to guarantee your smooth onboarding and flawless experience.

    Why do you need them?

    Well the trigger factors that foster the application of remote patient monitoring saas are quite innumerable.

    Immobile patients

    The remote patient monitoring platforms are perfect for immobile patients. Elderly people, or patients who have restrictions and reservations regarding their mobility can now be under complete observation of their doctors and can avail their advise at any point in time.

    Emergency situations

    A sudden accident, sickness on vacation, relapse of a disease all comes without any prior warning, when we are the least prepared. Now with the rpm remote patient monitoring medical help is never too far away.

    Always Connected

    We understand the need for active care. Remote Patient Monitoring allows the care coordinators to stay connected with the patients through audio calls, SMS, in-app messages, and video calls. This allows constant monitoring and proactive intervention whenever required.

    Pandemic condition

    The current pandemic condition when the world as a whole is being encouraged to sit back in their homes, these remote patient monitoring platforms can turn out to be a huge support for every family. Avail expert medical advice from the safety and convenience of your home.

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